• 25th Jul '21
  • Leadzrilla
  • 4 minutes read
  • Autor: Leadzrilla

How To Instantly Convert Website Visitors Into Leads And Then Clients

Today I want to talk to you about the new product I recently launched and who it can benefit. I want this to be a transparent, quick little article to raise awareness and highlight my new product so readers can decide for themselves if this is something that could be helpful to their business. We're going to primarily cover the features and benefits of the software. We will cover how to instantly convert website visitors into leads and then clients. You will learn how to easily communicate with your visitors using our multi-channel engagement software, how to drastically Increase Sales From Your Website, By Increasing Conversion Rates & Improving Your Customers Experience. Are you tired of making your clients wait for a response from an engagement on your website? Here’s some statistics to emphasize the point... 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. (Salesforce) It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. (SiriusDecisions) 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (InsideSales) Give your future clients a quick and easy way to get on the phone with you. We simply place an eye-catching call app on your website to connect immediately with your potential clients. Visitors can click the Call Button and enter their phone number to receive a call within seconds or schedule a call for later. How it works, we use Artificial Intelligence to engage your visitor, first they click the call widget icon in the lower right/left hand corner of the website or our artificial intelligence prompts the widget to open at the ideal time or our mobile friendly pop-up prompts them to enter their phone number to request an instant callback or text message from your customers business. The website visitor can also schedule a call for later when it is more convenient for them. If your visitor chooses to be called, our software platform calls your business and when your sales team or front desk staff answer the phone they are prompted to claim the call by simply pressing one on their phone. Instantly Connected After your staff or sales people accept the call our software automatically initiates a call to your website visitor, connecting them within 14 seconds. Increasing conversions and improving customer experience. Two-Way Text Messaging If your visitor choses to be contacted via text message, you are immediately notified of new incoming messages. You have access to a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go. Engage with your customers faster with two-way text messaging and close the deal. You can text your clients online from your computer or on the go from your phone. We have all the features you’ll ever need. You can connect with prospects when they are most likely to make a purchase. Get prospects on the phone or text with your sales team while they are still on your website. Generate more leads and increase conversion rates while streamlining the sales process for your customers and your team. For more information and to view all the features of our software app you can go here >>> https://leadzrilla.com Start generating more business today, it normally only takes five to ten minutes to set up. With our multi-channel communication widget you can stop chasing leads and start closing deals instantly turning website visitors into customers. Convert website traffic to sales instantly with our multi-channel lead engagement software. Our new technology lets you build on high-value engagements- creating a unique experience for prospects and clients. Published by Ryan Zillion Digital Marketing | Business Development | Joint Venture Broker - Clients hire us to provide - Results Driven Website Design, Highly Targeted Leads, Media Campaigns & Marketing Strategies To Massively Increase Sales! #convert #website #visitors #clients #leads

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