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Five Ways To Utilize Systems In Your Business To Accelerate Profits

It is no surprise that most businesses are slow to adopt new technologies today, mainly because of the uncertainty of the outcome and the initial cost outlay. The problem with this kind of thinking is, if these technologies are not adopted by one brand and they are adopted by another brand with the same product or service it can give them a huge advantage and this additional speed to market, reduced cost of production and implementation of the system added, could easily be highly costly, devastating and consuming to the brand who failed to adapt and add a system to their business. Systems can be created to reduce production costs, lead cost, sales costs, as well as many other business costs and in most cases the technology investment will be exponentially worthwhile, sometimes accelerating profits tenfold or more. A system, whether it’s a business system, a production system, or an automated implementation of a service, is nothing more than an interconnected collection of computers and humans. In other words, to use the term “system” simply means “a collection of machines or other devices used to complete a task in an ordered fashion.”. It is a slightly complex network that is composed of processes stored in multiple data fields and information from multiple sources designed to work together to complete specific tasks consistently. We all need systems in our lives. Systems are designed to help us make better decisions, live more comfortably, ease our workload, increase productivity, and eliminate the unnecessary. Make no mistake – systems are not always easy to set up and they require some thought and planning to make them work properly. But they provide us with a clear path towards success. Now to those of you who are not yet completely sold on the advantages of systems, I say to you, where would we be if our ancestors did not design and implement systems into our lives, to heat or cool our house/business or control our plumbing and water systems? Well I'll tell you where we would be, digging coal, chopping wood, bringing in ice blocks, still going to the bathroom outdoors and pumping our water from a well. Even the Romans used systems thousands of years ago by building aqueducts to deliver their water to be used for drinking, irrigation and to supply hundreds of public fountains and baths. Roman aqueduct systems were built over a period of about 500 years, from 312 B.C. to A.D. 226. A system is nothing more than a collection of relationships created by human interactions with other humans, machines or technology. The business system in which you operate today is one that is reliant on human interaction with other humans. A system may be comprised of multiple technology layers and workflows, each of which may be related and connected to the others to complete tasks in an orderly and consistent fashion. Certain systems can be utilized to accelerate business profits. Systems like lead capture forms with a follow up email sequence can be utilized to gather and nurture leads for a business. Systems can be designed to speed up the flow of information, the delivery of goods or services and reduce labor or production costs among other things, a rapid evolution of technology is improving the way businesses are able to operate and interact with their clients, thanks to systems. Back in the early 90’s, #IBM's “supercomputer” project was a great success. This was world changing technology in it’s day and was used to solve real-life problems, like weather forecasting, energy management, and financial transactions. These systems were the foundation of many of the apps on our smartphones and computers that we use today and most people probably overlook the many advantages and the time savings they add to our daily lives. Although I’ll be the first to admit that when systems are not working properly they can be a big waste of time. These systems were so successful in that era that they later inspired a Hollywood movie called AI — Artificial Intelligence, starring Keanu Reeves. The bottom line is, a well designed business systems can increase efficiency, productivity and the speed to market time, lowering costs and accelerating the profits in your business, they have also been seen to increase the skill level and speed of an employee. Here are 5 ways systems can be used to accelerate profits in your business. Great marketing and sales systems generate more leads and a higher percentage of conversions, which then can increase profits. Companies with high-quality systems are less likely to incur any problems with lead flow, conversions, products or services, production, customer support and the list goes on. It is important to have an operational system that helps reduce mistakes, defects, and lost time. This will lower costs and increase profits. High-quality systems can reduce the amount of customer returns, lower shipping fees, accounting costs, backordering and restocking costs to accelerate profits. A well designed system require less supervision and management oversight, less management oversight equates to reduced costs and increased profits. Proper business systems can reduce the cost of inventory spending and account receivables to increase profitability. That's all for now, best of luck. I hope you gained some valuable insights and ideas from this article on how you can use systems in your business to accelerate profits. 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